The Beyond the Urban Lead Expert takes the pulse of mobility in Osona

Dr. Clyde Hutchinson meets with entities, associations and councils to know about the milestones that have been achieved, the problems they have had to face and the proposals they have for the future in terms of mobility.

Dr. Clyde Hutchinson, the European mobility expert who advises the Beyond the Urban network, led by Creacció, visited Osona on Thursday 26th and Friday 27th. The aim was to take the pulse of mobility in the region and see how can help in order to improve it and make it more sustainable.

“We have to study what actions can be taken from the European framework and how we can help you”, said Hutchinson at the institutional reception given to him at the Osona County Council. The European expert emphasized that Catalonia, “in terms of mobility”, is very interesting, with a very high flow of traffic in various directions.

Arnau Basco, representative of the Regional Council of Osona, expressed himself in the same way: “We must discover new challenges in the field of mobility and prioritize them”. And he added: “The difference in Osona between large and small municipalities is a reality, and this can generate good opportunities”.

Hutchinson has met with representatives of various entities, associations and councils, all linked to mobility in the region to learn about the milestones that have been reached, the problems that have been encountered and the proposals they have for the future.

Thus, in addition to contrasting opinions with the Regional Council, he has also spoken with the UVic-UCC, the Osona Socioeconomic Observatory, the R3 Technical Office, the Vic and Gurb industrial zones, the CEDO, the Consorci Hospitalari de Vic, Osonament, councils of Vic, Torelló and Manlleu, the Mancomunitat la Plana and l’Esquirol car-pooling group. He was also able to experience in person a bicycle ride in Torelló, as part of the bus-bike project in the schools and institutes of the municipality and he visited the train stations of Manlleu and Balenyà-Tona-Seva in order to understand the reality of small towns close to the railway.

Besides Osona, network Beyond the Urban also includes the cities of Bram (France), Bucharest (Romania), Hradec Kralove (Czech Republic), Kocani (North Macedonia), Machico (Portugal), Santa Maria da Feira (Portugal), Szabolcs (Hungary), Tartu (Estonia), Treviso (Italy) and Osona (Spain).

31 d'octubre de 2023