Creacció is leading a European mobility project in nine countries

Beyond the Urban (URBACT IV) will develop action mobility plans between the rural areas and the urban centers of the participating cities and territories, in which local actors from the administration, business, university and citizens will be involved.

The Monitoring Committee of the European programme URBACT IV approved last May 31st, 30 integrated action planning networks, in which a total of 252 organizations (cities, regions, universities…) from 28 European countries will participate. Among these, there is Beyond the Urban, a network led by Creacció and with the participation of cities from nine countries.

Beyond the Urban aims to explore innovative solutions in the field of sustainable mobility. The network brings together 10 European municipalities and regions that will collaborate with the aim of improving urban-rural mobility through the testing and implementation of sustainable, accessible and integrated mobility solutions, with a focus on intermodality, multi-level governance, inclusion, gender equality and digital tools. In addition, the project will allow financing small pilot actions to test specific and innovative solutions in the region.

This network, in addition to Osona, is also constituted by the cities of Bram (France), Bucharest (Romania), Hradec Kralove (Czech Republic), Kocani (North Macedonia), Machico (Portugal), Santa Maria da Feira (Portugal), Szabolcs (Hungary), Tartu (Estonia) and Treviso (Italy).

During two and a half years, from June 2023 to December 2025, these partners will exchange, learn from each other, develop their skills and activate comprehensive action plans to face their local challenges.

An important step for Osona

This project means an important advance for Osona in the field of mobility, as it will allow the development of a comprehensive regional mobility plan which will include improvements in public transport services and will regulate the use of private transport.

To develop the project, a local action group will be set up including partners from the public sector at all levels of the administration, the business sector, the academia and citizenry.

In fact, the program continues the analysis carried out by the Socioeconomic Observatory of Osona concerning the county’s mobility, which culminated with its presentation at the General Council of Creacció last December, and in which the main agents of the territory participated.

At the meeting, the consensus among the regional stakeholders on the need to rethink the region’s mobility and make it more sustainable was evident. At the moment, Osona has a consolidated mobility system, radial and centered in Vic, with an overwhelming dominance of the private car.

In the conclusions, stakeholders urged to enhance the use of the public transport and explore other mobility solutions, such as carsharing, carpooling or the bus on demand, among others.

What is URBACT?

URBACT is an European learning and exchange program that promotes the sustainable urban development, empowering cities to collaboratively develop solutions to face major urban challenges, thus reaffirming the key role they play concerning the increasingly complex social changes.

URBACT has been a great success and reached its fourth edition this year. At the moment, it is integrated by 550 cities, 29 countries and 7,000 professionals that actively participate and help cities to develop and share innovative and sustainable practical solutions that integrate the economic, social and environmental dimensions. It allows cities to share good practices and experiences with all professionals involved in urban policy across Europe.

7 de juny de 2023